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Our Mission is to work with and educate our clients so they improve their overall health, fitness, diet, body composition, flexibility, strength, and longevity. Life is not about consistently calorie counting and bench pressing big weights, it's about enjoying the gift of good health every day and making each moment count toward fulfilling your wish for a long and happy life.

About RPE Fitness Inc

Richard and Karen Insley's passion is to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle. We work closely with clients to improve functional and general fitness, joint mobility, body composition and help them include healthier nutrition options and exercise habits into their everyday lives with our proven coaching methods.

About Us
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Why choose us?

choose usChoosing a Personal Trainer should take time and research. The majority of our clients come to us through referrals from satisfied clients who want to help their friends and family.

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How we can help you?

help youIf you have a water leak at home you call a plumber, if your car needs repairing you take it to a shop, but it seems that just showing up to the gym and eating rice cakes will make you healthier and lean!.


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How you will benefit from hiring a Personal Trainer?

bottle weightsA personal trainer is a health and fitness professional who is hired for private instruction. We help our clients develop and maintain a level of physical condition by designing a specialised, individual exercise routines for their specific needs.


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What to expect

bootcampThe picture to the left is some peoples idea of what they think personal training will look like, well it isn't ours!

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Healthy Way Every Day Nutrition Services

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Sometimes our clients need a little more time and help with dietary requirements so Karen will take over and guide them with more of a hand-holding approach.

Karen Insley is a Nutritionist, who takes the "holistic" approach with her clients; addressing the "whole body" and assists her clients in creating, adopting and developing sustainable and long-term healthier lifestyle habits.

She is an award-winning professional, published writer, a frequent speaker at conferences and Karen is an independent contract and PRO TRAINER with canfitpro, teaching the Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach certification to budding nutrition students.

Although Karen has helped many clinically diagnose obese clients to lose in excess of 100 lbs, she is an advocate that weight loss is simply a byproduct of good health and that "you cannot lose weight to get healthy but you have to get healthy to lose the weight" so let Karen show you how to get healthy, and there is a very high probability that you will lose weight in the process.

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