Corporate "Biggest Loser" Challenges

Nothing get employees excited about exercise and healthy eating than a Biggest Loser Challenge!
The friendly competition and rivalry of a Biggest Loser Challenge gives employees common ground and allows social interactions other than just being employees of the same company.
Organizing a corporate Biggest Loser Challenge can tie up valuable staff hours with planning meetings and this is where we at RPE Fitness Inc can help.
We offer Biggest Loser Challenge Packages that your company can implement seamlessly with our expertise.

The Biggest Loser Challenge Packages include;
• Pre-Challenge Weigh in and Body fat composition measurements (at your facility)
• A one-hour motivational presentation (at your facility)
• An easy to follow exercise and workout program
• Healthy eating guidelines and tips for successful weight loss
• A pedometer
• T-shirt (with your company logo on it)
• Motivational email (Via our mail server and/or internal company email)
• Post-Challenge Weigh in and Body fat composition measurements (at your facility)


Biggest Loser Challenges are most effective when they are facilitated from between 4 and 8 weeks, and the maximum we recommend is 12 weeks so as to retain interest and avoid attrition. The optimum time to start a challenge is in early January, the beginning of May or Mid September when people’s enthusiasm for making health changes seems to peak, although they can be started any time of the year to tie in with your corporate requirements.
The Biggest Loser Challenges can be either set up for either individual participation or participate as a team and teams of 2 -10 are recommended.
We encourage the employees to put a nominal amount of money into a pot when they sign up, and this can be divided up into 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize amounts to add more motivation to the mix.


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