Corporate Wellness Programs


Increase productivity. Boost morale. Decrease absenteeism.


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Stress in the workplace can present itself in many forms; such as apathy; lack of motivation; reduced concentration; sickness and accidents. Some of the common complaints include lower back pain, stress, joint pain, colds, flu, etc and many of these symptoms can be addressed by adopting a structured Corporate Wellness Program.

As a prestigious employer, you invest in recruiting the best possible staff to ensure that your company is regarded as the best in its field. But in today's fast-paced work environment, stress levels have increased, resulting in decreased staff wellness and employers health benefits costs rising; which is a threat to your
bottom line and balance sheet.

It appears now that the question is no longer "Should companies should engage a workplace wellness program", but really how is it best to design and implement these programs for optimal results to produce an optimal return on investment.

What solutions can we provide for your company?

Our workshops and programs will allow you and your company to gain the competitive edge.

We don't ask you to think outside the box, but we make the box bigger for you so that you have more wellness tools and strategies to choose from.

Fully customizing programs to your company size and industry.

  • Onsite Fitness Testing.
  • Health Risk Assessments.
  • Nutrition Consultations.
  • Workshops.
  • Education.
  • Ongoing Support.
  • Health Tracking


Our aim is to assist employers in improving their staff's overall wellness; providing solutions to promote maximum staff efficiency, motivation and performance with workshops in nutrition, wellness, and fitness, fully customized to your industry. And, healthy and happy employees.

 corporate programsExamples of popular corporate courses are:

  • Recognizing and correcting chronic stress causes and symptoms.
  • Easy mobility and stretching to relieve workplace aches and pains.
  • Nutrition for shift workers; improving alertness, energy, performance, and productivity.
  • Nutrition and fitness for the busy professional on the go.


These programs include a presentation at your place of business and involve simple, effective practices and demonstrations to help employees deal with common everyday workplace issues that can negatively impact their physical and mental health and the company's bottom line. Each presentation takes 60 minutes and there are online resources for employees to view and download pre-seminar, these include helpful tip sheets, tracking forms, and motivational help.

We get this question often, companies approach us and never having run a wellness program don't know how to initiate one to benefit their staff. We recommend starting a small in-house wellness committee so they can be the conduit between the staff, management and us, the program provider. We have then found that our initial "What is Wellness?"  presentation is a great introduction to the subject because we go over the eight main aspects of a corporate wellness program - Nutrition, Stress Reduction, Sleep, Movement/exercise, Vitality, Goals, Work/ Life Balance and Building Relationships. After this presentation, the wellness committee can then decide (after consultations with staff and management) which of the eight wellness program topics they would like to explore more as it pertains to their particular workplace requirements.

We offer "Biggest Loser" challenges to keep employees engaged and motivated. We have found that implementing schemes at "popular" times of the year like January and September when people are most motivated to make changes and this reduces attrition rates also. We tackle attrition with constant motivational emails that can be added to the company system and also encourage a friendly competitive environment.

If your company facility has a gym/workout space then we can offer employee individual and group fitness programs that are tailoredcorporate wellness

to your space and equipment level and to the employee's current fitness abilities and goals.

The individual and group class times can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour in duration.

We specialize in executive one on one personal training and our current client portfolio includes Executives, Doctors, VP's, RCMP, etc and we assure complete client confidentiality and discretion at all times.

Before starting any corporate fitness program we first like to visit your facility to inspect the fitness area and all one on one clients require a 30-minute initial meeting (individual or group) so we can talk about goals, past or present injuries and to discuss the fitness program.

Does the company have a sports team? Whether baseball, hockey, soccer, dragon boat a few weeks of pre-season exercise preparation will help overall team fitness, stamina, coordination, cooperation, and morale.


For more details on any of the above programs please contact Richard Insley at or Karen Insley at