Seven Day Shred Diet

How it works...............

The Seven Day Shred is designed to be a short-term effective weight loss plan that you can go back to at any point if you feel you need too. Along the way, you will learn what foods will help you to maintain a healthy weight with high energy levels and eliminate junk food cravings effectively.

The plan is in 3 easy stages

1 - Follow the colour coded, easy to follow Seven Day Shred Meal Planner for 7 Days

2 - On day 8 start over again and cycle plan until your goal weight is achieved

3 - Repeat diet whenever you need to if body weight should creep up due to a great vacation, a period of inactivity, etc

The Seven Day Shred contains different meal planners depending on whether you have less than 20 lbs to lose, 20 - 40 lbs to lose, or over 50 lbs to lose to reach your goal weight. Each of the three easy to follow colour coded Seven Day Shred planners have all the 4 phases in it but they differ slightly because our bodies requirements are not the same depending on our weight, this is caused by altered hormone function and there is a lot more information about this in the 101 page Seven Day Shred e-book.


The eBook is $19.97 CAD and available for download after the Paypal transaction is completed (you do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal)