Personal Training

The rewards you can gain from your Personal fitness coaching sessions will see you becoming fitter, stronger, healthier and leaner, leading to improved self-esteem, being able to cope more effectively with everyday stress and also fitting into your clothes better.

Our programs are tailored specifically to you and are not a generic off the shelf program.personal training

They are designed to utilize low-cost equipment and body weight exercises so there is no need to purchase expensive machines

If you already have equipment we will definitely incorporate this into your exercise program.

Our in-home programs allow you to work out in the comfort of your own home with no rushing around with long commutes to the gym

If you want to workout in a gym we use the 17 Wing base gym, any Winnipeg city facility or your company gym.


What is included?

Our initial meeting is at no cost to you and will involve us sitting down to discuss in length your health and fitness goals.

If you have any medical issues that may affect your training we will go through the necessary forms your doctor will be required to complete, and your training program will address any injuries or concerns accordingly.

Your weight and your body fat percentage can be recorded if you wish and can be reviewed regularly as you make progress and if necessary a fitness test can be conducted to assess your current strength and flexibility levels.

We will also review any equipment you already have and can make suggestions on whether you need to purchase any additional items such as resistance bands, hand weights, a stability ball, etc


 To inquire further about Personal Training please call/text Richard at 204-471-9605, or send us a message through our Contact Us page. 

 IMPORTANT NOTE. There is no obligation to sign up for any program after this initial meeting


Please check out our online programs too


(Your privacy is important to us and we will not pass your details on to 3rd parties)