The Stay On Track Program

Welcome to the Stay On Track Program!

This program was developed out of working closely with some of our online clients who needed a little extra help after their online program had come to an end.

Some were finding it difficult to keep up with the good habits they had formed and of course, there is always a curveball they never saw coming, and so adjustments have to be made on the fly to keep their new, healthier habits on track and maintain the great progress that had already been made.

Clients found that having all the tools to succeed in their healthier lifestyle sometimes isn't enough initially as they go it alone, and found great comfort in having a shoulder to lean on to keep the momentum moving forward and to have all their questions answered.

So as an extension of this we launched the "Stay On Track" program to help clients who wish to continually maintain a healthier lifestyle by us talking them "off the ledge" so to speak when things go south or they just need someone to talk too if they're maybe thinking of throwing in the towel or swinging by the fast food joint and drowning their sorrows in burgers, fries and milkshakes!

This great program gives clients (old and new) access to us 24/7 via text or emails the opportunity to ask questions, assist in problem-solving, diet and exercise plan tweaking, eating out suggestions, vacation food planning and get the scale moving again solutions right away. 

So whether your an existing RPE fitness Inc client or you've just found us online and you are struggling to reach your goals or are just plain stuck in a rut, then we're here to help you too.







Terms and conditions - Please read!

Each program Runs for one Calendar Month (starting from Receipt of Payment). Payments are subject to GST and are through PayPal

All emails will be responded to within 12hrs and for the text support within 3 hours of receipt by RPE Fitness Inc.

 If you are not 100% satisfied with the stay on track Program in any way then a full refund will be given up to 5 Days from the program starting, no questions asked.

 By Clicking the Get Started button, you agree to these terms and conditions