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The easy way to melt fat!


Place a pan on a heat source, add desired fat, whether butter, coconut oil etc. and allow heat to penetrate fat and change its state from a solid to a liquid, and if you want to burn fat just leave it on the heat for a longer time!
It’s amazing how many diet books, exercise videos and trainers tell you that their fabulous workout system or super diet melts body fat away, well I’m sorry to say it doesn’t, fat cells do not work like that and I think it makes it easier to think of fat cells as like a bank account, you fat spoon make deposits, like on payday and withdrawals, like when paying bills, and they are rarely static.
Fats cells are storage unit for excess energy that cannot be utilized in the body right away, so It’s saved until required so if we overeat, don’t exercise, consume sugar ladened low fibre foods or drinks, etc. we are going to promote more storage than withdrawal. Right now you’re probably thinking if I starve myself then I will remove lots and it’s a done deal, well the body is a bit smarter than that and it will sacrifice muscle tissue as an energy source instead of fat as a survival mechanism.

Slow and steady wins the race!
Eating a whole food diet in a slight caloric deficit, lifting some weights and moving more should achieve a fat loss goal of about a pound/week, which is a sensible number. Yes, it takes a while and not every week will be a successful one, but we don’t put 20 lbs of body fat on in a month, so why would it come off that fast!

2016-07-19 19:01:22

Why we shouldn’t be losing weight!

It seems almost everyone wants to lose weight, but what really is bodyweight? Body weight can be what you just ate, it can be fat or water or muscle or blood or bones or stool or urine. As you can see, it can be a whole lot of different things, so ‘losing weight’ actually describes nothing.

The F word!

The only thing out of the above list that we need to lose is excess body fat. Notice that I used the word excess, because we all need some body fat. it’s not all bad, in fact it is healthy to maintain 18% for men and 25% for women.fat caliper
Losing fat is the main goal, but there will be some loss of water, as this is bound to the fat cells and also a little muscle mass as the body has to carry less weight around. As we know, the human body is stingy with energy expenditure and will not want to maintain muscle mass, unless we force it too, and here in lies the key!

2016-06-01 12:23:33

Walk the Walk!


In the 1970’s the running craze took off and people started jogging and running for pleasure, and what was once a sport for serious athletes on tracks in stadiums became open to all, which lead to organized events and races in towns and cities all over the world.

Since this happened it seems walking kind of got pushed to one side and the more dynamic sibling took over capturing the health conscious public';s imagination with its promise of weight management and cardiovascular improvements. Well, I think walking still has a place in our healthy lifestyles and it is something that we should definitely try to do more often.

2016-05-09 16:17:53

Greasing The Groove!


I often hear clients and friends say that they want to improve at a certain discipline or exercise and as we all know any new skill takes time and effort and perseverance to achieve. The term bio hacking maybe a new to you, but it is where individuals take short cuts to achieve optimum health. An early form of bio hacking was founded by a Russian strength and conditioning coach and former trainer of the Russian Special Forces called Pavel Tsatsouline. His philosophy was Specificity + Frequent Practice = Success and he coined the term "Greasing the groove" to describe it.


2016-04-28 17:55:02