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Skinny Utopia!

Are you familiar with the “When I lose weight, I will……” statement?

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When I lose weight I will be happier, I will be more content, my marriage will improve, people will like me more, my job will get better, I can get a new job, friends will ask me out to the bar, etc, etc…………

2016-03-03 14:45:33

Fruit - yes or no?


People often ask me about my opinion of fruit and I always tell them if you are serious about fat loss then you simply have to cut right back on the fruit in your diet.


2016-02-23 13:40:27

When stress can be a good thing!

Most things are good in moderation and exercise is no different. Sitting for hours or lying around on the couch all day and doing nothing causes oxidative stress to the body which can damage cells and prematurely age us etc. Well conversely too much exercise can cause the same oxidative issues, but just the right amount of exercise creates a “Hormetic Response” and hormesis is the term for favourable biological responses to low exposures to stressors, which really means that the body will be more resilient and stronger from it.

Hormesis is basically introducing a stressor to the body so the body can respond positively to it, so a runner who is running everyday without any days off will not be achieving a favourable hormetic response.
Periodising exercise is an essential part of any routine, increasing and decreasing intensity helps stimulate the body and keeps the workouts from getting stale and another huge component is rest time, this must be tired runnerfactored in as the body needs that time to recover and repair before the next workout. I am sure that you have heard about marathon runners who have heart attacks in there 50’s and people can’t believe it and say “but they were so fit and healthy!!”, but in all reality they just wore themselves out prematurely with overstressing the body with a gruelling running schedule and not achieving a good balance and favourable hormetic responses.

So, don’t workout too hard then!

2016-02-18 14:04:26

Kicking the sugar habit

When we are born the human body is adapted to getting its energy calories mainly from fat sources (human mothers milk is 85% saturated fat) and as we grow older and move onto solid foods like fruits, starches and processed grains the metabolic adaption swings from being predominately fat to being mainly from sugar. Now as a consequence of a much higher carbohydrate based diet and this coupled with other sugar rich foods like sugarsoda’s and candies it makes our body store fat, so in other words stored energy for another day because the excess sugar cannot be used for energy right now.
Then we go down the familiar road try to lose this excess fat, cutting calories, buying treadmills and gym memberships, and off we go on the calorie counting merry-go-round constantly losing a little weight and gaining more back each time!

Why does this happen?

Well, having been metabolically adapted to get most of our energy from sugar for so long the body is more reluctant to derive energy from stored fat. (The process is much harder and the body will take the path of least resistance with the view of conserving energy) The excess fat that is stored on the body should be used for energy, but with the constant stream of available energy from sugar in our modern diets the fat usually just stays there and you get cravings for more sugar! To turn this around the metabolic processes in the body need to be geared up to burn fat, as opposed to sugar, this sounds simple but there are some not so nice short term consequences to losing the sugar.

2016-02-08 20:08:17