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Everyday Stress Management

We all suffer stressful 21st century lives to some degree or other. We are told to “Just reduce your stress levels” but know one ever really tells us how to do it. There are some obvious answers to remove stress from our lives.

Got a stressful job? Then get another!
A stressful marriage? Then get a divorce!
A long commute? Then move closer to work!
All these are really practical, simplistic suggestions but real life isn’t like that, and we would more often than not find other stressors to replace those anyway.


2016-01-13 14:24:56

Why most New Year's resolutions fail

So we are all fired up at the end of the year for new beginnings and we are making our New Year's resolutions to be more healthy, exercise, make more money, etc, etc. Most people do not see these good intentions through, why? Well 1 explanation is called Hyperbolic discounting.

Hyperbolic discounting is the notion that we value things today about twice as much as we value things at any point in the future, from tomorrow to ten days, months or years from now. It is called Hyperbolic discounting because the trend follows a hyperbolic curve when plotted on a graph. For example, studies were done on people and they were asked to choose between $50 now and $100 a year from now, many people will choose the immediate $50. However, given the choice between $50 in five years or $100 in six years almost everyone will choose $100 in six years, even though that is the same choice seen at five years' greaterman thinking distance, this shows that people value things less in the future. Retail stores do this when they offer 'pay later' deals, people assume that paying $200 per month will be easier next year than it is now, when in reality it will be probably be the same if not worse after you have brought too many things and have to start paying for them.

Hyperbolic discounting is also the scientific reason why we are always going to start dieting and exercising tomorrow.
Most people when they to start a diet or exercise plan almost always pick a point in the future to begin. It might be a Monday, or the day after you get back from a vacation or New Year’s Day or you might just decide at lunch that as of supper tonight, the diet begins. You may even have a last meal in anticipation of the diet to justify a final trip to McDonalds. It is always at a point in the future.

2015-12-31 16:15:03

There are only three diets

It seems that the world has gone crazy for diets, low fat, high fat, cabbage soup, FODMAP, quick fix shakes, Paleo, GAPS, South Beach etc, etc and they all promote their own benefits with a particular way of eating.

There are really only 3 sorts of diets though; maintenance, healing and weight change andnutrition services depending on your personal goal to should aim to follow just one.

The Maintenance Diet

2015-12-29 18:41:11

Don't confuse movement with exercise!

Recently in the news there has been a lot about sitting is the new smoking and how bad it is for our health to sit for long periods of time. In the articles and news feeds that followed, experts have been saying don’t sit for more than 45 mins (this varies slightly on each report) and tout exercises to replicate at set intervals during the day to counteract the effects of sitting for long periods. While physical exercise is very important from a strength and cardio vascular point of view, movement is not the same thing.

What is movement?

The dictionary describes movement as “The act or an instance of moving; a change in place or position.” So this can describe walking, stretching, reaching for things, going to the washroom, etc and not necessarily a specific exercise per se.
Movement is not only very important for our joints, posture and muscles but it is also tied to bodily functions like digestion, lymph circulation, joint lubrication etc and that’s we really can’t afford to sit for long periods without the negative consequences catching up with us.

2015-12-17 00:24:50