Exercise, stretching and mobilization are all very important pieces to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and body, but you may ask how do you fit it into your already jammed schedule? Well, all you have to do is set aside 1% of your day, now that doesn’t seem too much to ask does it?15 Minutes
1% of a day is 14.4 minutes, so lets round it up 15, so that will be 15 minutes dedicated to you! I know that doesn’t sound enough, but you can achieve a great deal in 1% of a day, it can be a heart pounding Tabata interval workout, a relaxing Yoga practice, an all over joint mobilization and muscle stretching routine, etc.

15 minutes is it takes to improve cardiovascular health, strength, muscle flexibility and joint mobility, so just take 1% from everyday to make this powerful commitment to yourself!


Yours in health

Richard Insley

2016-04-18 17:45:27