As you have probably see in the news and press over the last while sitting has been branded as the new smoking! We know sitting for long periods is not physically good for us, yet most people sit to eat breakfast, in the car, at work, at lunch, on the drive home, at supper, in front of the TV, which can all soon accumulate to many hours in this fixed position.

We have addressed the issues with sitting in a previous newsletter which looked at stretches and mobilizing the hips, but what if we actually tried to sit less and also gain the added bonus’s of improving muscle tone and of using more energy at the same time?


20 calories is the difference between sitting at a desk and standing at a desk in one hour, this is because standing uses more muscles and thus utilizes more energy. Now 20 calories doesn’t sound much, it’s equivalent to 120 g of celery, 50 ml of orange juice or 20 g of chicken breast but if a person was to stand at a work station instead of be seated for a 40-hour week that would amount to 800 calories per week, and over an average work year that accumulates to over 36,000 calories, now that’s a lot of energy, in fact it’s about the equivalent to running about 10 marathons!


Admittedly standing for long periods of time can also be an issue, but certainly a mixture of both would be more beneficial. Walking meetings with clients and/or coworkers, using the stairs instead of the elevator, standing to take phone calls, etc., all count toward achieving that 20 calories per hour.


Yours in health,


2016-07-26 15:03:40