Goal setting is a really important tool for us to use to succeed at most things in life in life, we need a focus point with a beginning and an end so we can achieve our desires. Not all goals will be achieved, but from these, we can learn and modify our next challenge so hopefully we do not make the same mistakes twice.

In a textbook world, this is how to goal set:

  • Set goals (know what you want to achieve)
  • Take specific actions towards achieving your goals
  • Evaluate your progress regularly
  • Adjust the approach based on your progress evaluation

The problem is that's not how it works for most people in the real world, here is pretty much what happens:

  • The fog - you have no clarity, no idea of what you truly want or where to start
  • Spinning your wheels - you're busy, really busy but you aren't actually moving forward
  • Feeling like a failure - you didn't get any closer to the goal you set
  • Try again - of course hoping that doing the same thing over and over will somehow lead to different results


So what can you do?

Most people think too big, they imagine a goal as a huge life changing event or a 50lb weight loss, think smaller, make each goal a shorter term event, and as you achieve each one. These smaller goals will add up and become that life changing event.

Make time to achieve. There are 24 hrs in a day and 168 hrs in a week and as we know it’s impossible to find extra time with each hour being filled with something, whether it’s work, sleep, TV, etc. so to allow time for your goal something has to go, whether it is time watching the TV or being on the computer exchange it for time working toward achieving your goal.

If you are not progressing ask yourself why, is it because the goal and action plan wasn’t initially thought through and you need to re-evaluate? Don’t just sit and beat yourself up, be proactive, find it, fix it and move on. 

According to Einstein doing the same over and over and in the hope of getting a different result is the definition of insanity! Don’t fall into this trap, if it does not work the first time there was probably a very good reason, change what you were doing and try again and learn from the experience.

Yours in health

Richard Insley

2016-10-05 21:01:30