It’s about this time of year when all the New Years Resolution lose weight – get fit plans start to surface, promising a new slimmer, happier you after you follow this diet and that exercise regimen or slather yourself in oil and wrap yourself in saran wrap for 30 minutes or drink a magic shake twice a day and eat a salad.

They tout it as a “New You”, and of course, January 1st is a few days away so it’s all very achievable and it all seems easy right now, we just need to get Christmas out of the way first, oh and the New Years Party and were off to the races as 2017 is going be THE year! (but weren’t 2010,11,12,13…… going to be the breakthrough years too!)

If all this all sounds like you then you are probably caught in the new you loop as the constant battle to lose weight and tone up seems to mysteriously elude you every year.

Have you ever thought why the diets don't seem to work? Why can't you make it to the gym on a regular basis, why, why, why? Well, there seems to a common denominator in all of the previous attempts, YOU. You seem to be the problem, ok this may come across as a little harsh but it’s true, all diet and exercise plans work if you actually see them through.

So why do the wheels keep falling off?

Humans like repetition and we do the same tasks daily as part of our routine and when things come along that upset that routine we either adopt them into it or reject them and go back to how things were. The reason things stick is that we invariably don’t have a choice but to accept it, like needing to wear glasses, you have to or you can’t see or have a job to earn money to live, even if you don’t particularly like you job you will still go, because unless you win the lottery or live on the streets there is no alternative.

So where does a healthy diet and lifestyle fit into all this?

I think you can see from the above examples that the missing key is importance, if something is important to you then you’ll do it if it isn’t then goodbye healthy diet and exercise until next New Year. We have found that adopting new healthier lifestyle habits should be done on a gradual basis so they can be assimilated into our everyday routine, we have seen time and again people jump headlong into a program only to fall short in less than no time. Sometimes a short sharp shock is good, but do set a time limit of a week or two of going hard to get the ball rolling and then throttle back to a more sustainable level. Yes, there will be bumps in the road, there always are, so prepare for them so you have a plan in place and are not completely overwhelmed and end up throwing the towel in!

You can do this, believing is the 1st step and getting out of the new you loop is the next by creating new, healthier habits gradually and building on them. Admittedly this can take longer to achieve the desired goal, but at least it will come as opposed to being the caught in never ending new you loop.

2016-12-24 22:52:30