One of the very first questions I now ask a prospective new client now, is do you think you can achieve the goal you are currently describing to me? Whether it’s to lose 30 lbs or run a 10km race if they think deep down they can’t achieve it, then they won’t! They are already defeated before they start, they have a belief that they cannot do and this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy!

It is not just with diet and exercise that limiting beliefs are present, they are present in all parts of life, and they can stop you in your tracks from achieving your desires and possible successes. Whether it is in your career, relationships, personal happiness, limiting beliefs can have a very large impact on lives.

Do you believe you are powerless to change?

The limiting beliefs for weight loss are as individual as the person trying hard to achieve a goal. Limiting beliefs like, my parents were overweight, so I will be overweight, if I lose the weight I will just put it back on again, I can’t lose weight I’ve tried before, my metabolism is too slow, can restrict your progress and like it or not with these thoughts in your mind achieving weight loss goals are made nearly impossible. Your mental attitude to weight loss has more impact on your bodily functions than you may realize, right down to hormonal balance and even when people do start to achieve positive results they sometimes celebrate with a blowout junk food meal and end up self-sabotaging their efforts so unconsciously keeping the possible, impossible.

So what can you do?

Have you ever noticed the more you try for something the further it seems to get away from you? Some couples try for years for a child with no luck, they have fertility treatments try at precise times of the month and still nothing, when they eventually give up trying so hard and relax, hey presto a baby arrives! Weight loss can just be the same, the more you stress over it the harder it gets, the more you worry the harder it is, relax, get rid of the limiting beliefs and replace them with positive ones, tell yourself it is easy and fun, create a mantra to live by like, It’s not what I can’t achieve, it’s what I can achieve!

So what are your limiting beliefs?

Get a notepad and pencil, think hard and make a list of your own limiting beliefs, study each one and realize how different your life could be if you didn’t hold on to those beliefs and imagine how you would feel if you were free of their self-constricting boundaries…………

Richard Insley

2016-11-15 17:24:52