I often hear clients and friends say that they want to improve at a certain discipline or exercise and as we all know any new skill takes time and effort and perseverance to achieve. The term bio hacking maybe a new to you, but it is where individuals take short cuts to achieve optimum health. An early form of bio hacking was founded by a Russian strength and conditioning coach and former trainer of the Russian Special Forces called Pavel Tsatsouline. His philosophy was Specificity + Frequent Practice = Success and he coined the term "Greasing the groove" to describe it.


Greasing the groove basically takes a movement, for instance push ups and accelerates the person’s proficiency at doing it by frequent practice. For example, say a person wanted to achieve a goal of 20 full push ups. Doing it the “standard” way they would workout 4 times per push upweek doing 3 sets of 20 push ups, hence they would have 4 opportunities to improve. With the greasing the groove technique you would practice the push up movement several times per day when the opportunity arose, say before breakfast, at lunch time, after getting home from work, before taking a shower etc. performing just a few full reps each time, this makes the muscles that are responsible for creating the movement and overcoming the forces preventing the movement like gravity, friction and inertia to adapt and thus gain strength in order to keep up with the increasing neurological and physical demands of the exercise.


This adaptation will increase gains in strength, technique and proficiency at the chosen exercise over a shorter period of time than it would just working the muscles just 4 times per week, and this can also also be achieved with stretches and mobility exercises too. There is a word of warning though, tired and sore muscles will not adapt and this leaves the door open for possible injuries, so listening to the body is an essential component too.


Yours In Health.

Richard Insley

2016-04-28 17:55:02