If you're not familiar with Podcasts they're free audio (or some can be video) programs that are available on virtually any subject you can think of. They were originally only available on iTunes but can now be found on many outlets like Tunein, Stitcher, Google Music, etc.

Our show is the Healthy Half Hour Podcast and we wanted to keep it to about 30 minutes so as to make it easier to listen to on a commute or at home, etc. We have listened to other Podcasts and we think they can often go on too long and lose peoples attention, so 30 minutes seems to work.

There are many Podcasts on Health and Fitness out there and our goal is not to just add more noise to an already noisy genre, it is to deliver an informative, easy to understand podcast where we will share our experience and views on the ever-changing world of health, diet, weight loss and fitness. We want to cut out a lot of the jargon which often just confuses people more and also distinguish between what's marketing and hype and get down to what works and what doesn't for health, fitness, diet and fat loss.

So take a listen by searching for The Healthy Half Hour Podcast on your Podcast provider and if you like what you hear, subscribe to get the latest episodes when they come out and also please leave us a review. If you don't use a Podcast feed you can hear all the episodes at our website www.healthyhalfhourpodcast.com

If you'd like to ask a question for us to answer on a future episode please send them to questions@healthyhalfhourpodcast.com

Yours In Health.

Richard & Karen.


2018-01-19 14:13:15