We invest in our careers, stocks and shares, houses, RRSP’s etc but how many invest in their health?

Not too many!

We hire professionals for accounting, construction, vehicle repairs, etc because we want the task completing properly, professionally and because we do not possess the necessary skill
set to do it ourselves, but anyone can lift a pair of weights, right?

Well in many cases no!

I have been Personal Trainer for the last 9 years and have spent many hours in gyms and the amount of people I see lifting weights and using exercise machines incorrectly is staggering. Sometimes it’s only a minor adjustment in posture, foot position, technique etc and the exercise being performed would be far more effective and above all safer. 

Hiring an experienced certified Personal Trainer will help you achieve your goals faster and personal trainertrainers can build personalized structured exercise programs that use effective progressions and protocols that take into account a client’s current fitness level, past and/or present injuries and muscular weakness and/or imbalances.

If you are considering hiring a trainer then spend time choosing one, ask around. We interview all our prospective clients to make sure we are a good fit for each other and sometimes we are not and that’s ok, find someone who you are comfortable with and always make sure they are fully certified and insured through a recognized and respected body.


2015-12-10 17:51:28