While talking with clients we often hear that the parents have problems scheduling in their own exercise and/or being able to make healthy meals because they are having to run kids all over the place for a sports practice or game anywhere from 4.30 – 10 pm most evenings and on the weekends. It seems they have their kids in every sport or music lesson possible whether it’s summer or winter and they run around like headless chickens trying to meet seemingly impossible schedules. Now we know that people are going to say well you don’t have any kids and so don’t know what it’s like, but we know parents who have cut back on after school activities and reaped the benefits and also we are possibly able to look at this from a different perspective as we are not caught up in this seemingly crazy whirlwind.


It is completely understandable that every parent wants to see their kids do well, but in reality what is the cost to you and the family’s overall health? We could argue that cutting back on some after school activities gives you more time to create great meals and regularly exercise which in the long term benefits you and your kids by; not making you sick and overweight right now; increasing your longevity, so as to enjoy time with grandchildren in the future; reducing damaging stress on you and the family and by being able to spend more time together participating in activities together as a family.


Again we are not suggesting for one minute that you pull your kids from all after school activities, but maybe look at the bigger picture and try to achieve more of a balance that will benefit the family as a whole.



2016-09-20 18:26:43