For years I had a goal of running a marathon someday and a the end of 1997 the opportunity arose because Ryder Truck Rental, the company I was working for at the time were offering charity spots for the 1998 London Marathon in the UK (the London marathon is sold out every year with over 30,000 runners competing and they always put aside a few thousand charity place, that at the time were in excess of $3000 per spot) so I jumped at this chance!

So I made it my 1998 New Year resolution to get fit and run a 26.2 mile marathon race in April same year, the only issue now was to get from being able to comfortably run half a mile and now adding 25.7 to that to be able to get to my goal. So remembering these were pre-internet days so I had to come up with a plan to get me there, I decided to run 5 days a week and just increase my distance periodically, what could go wrong! The other issue was that I was a little overweight at the time, but of course, I thought running would solve that problem, right?

So off I went, new runners on my feet and a New years resolution motivating me all the way. We were living in the UK at the time so remember the winters are not as harsh as Winnipeg so running outdoors is not really an issue year round. The training was going ok and I had convinced myself that If I could get to 18 miles I could muddle through the last 8 on the day, so the mould was set. I was checking in with my coworkers and one was already running high mileage and one was on my level, but we all decided we'd run together on the day.

So, on the big day the three of us set off and after a few miles, the faster runner John said our pace was to slow and he took off. So Arpad and I were left to fend for ourselves and we continued on for the remainder of the race. It took us over 5 ½ hours to get to the end of the race, but we did it and that was the goal.

So that was 20 years ago this year and I'm still sticking to the New Years resolution of staying fit and healthy as I can and as a twist of fate my passion also became my career.

So It's possible to keep a New Years resolution not only for a month or a year but for 20 years! In writing this I realize that I'm probably an anomaly (those who know me keep your comments to yourself lol) but it is possible……

Yours In Health.


2017-12-29 15:39:42