One thing that pops up more often than not when talking with clients about healthy weight loss is a having a timely, regular bowel elimination. Some think that once every 3 days is regular, well I’m here to tell you it’s not, once or several times per day is considered normal.

Transit time – no, it’s not what the bus arrives! This is the time it takes food to move through the body from consumption to digestion and then on to elimination. If your transit time is too fast the body will not receive all the nutrients from the food and it will also lose too much fluid causing dehydration. If the process takes to long then it slows the flow and this can also cause toxins from the faeces to be reabsorbed into the body and being backed up can be very uncomfortable and even painful and several cancers have also been linked to this.

Here are tips to keep things moving along………

How do I know my transit time? Simple, eat some beets, look at the clock, wait to see when your poop come out reddy/purple, look at the clock again and voila that is your transit time.

How do I slow my transit time? A fast time can be caused by something that irritates the gut, so take note of when this happens and try to correlate that with a certain food. Cut back your diet to the basic whole foods, wait for things to settle down, then add in a new food every few days and see which causes a problem.

How do I speed up my transit time? Getting enough fibre is an obvious start (soluble and insoluble) from whole fruits and vegetable foods (tiger nuts are great) and/or supplementation by using MCT oil and/or with magnesium chelate or vitamin C to stimulate peristalsis and so more frequent bowel movements. Exercising or walking also stimulates the action due to the core muscles “massaging” the large intestine.

Pooping Position?

Believe it or not, the modern toilet actually hinders the actions of elimination. Before the invention of the toilet humans would squat in the bush and poop. This deep squat allows the rectum a direct line without impingement by the Puborectalis muscle. When we sit upright on a toilet our hips are at about 90 deg, this is the anorectal angle, for optimum pooping this angle should be about 35 deg to allow better flow.
This can be remedied easily by either using a bush in your backyard (this may upset the neighbours!) or by elevating your feet with a small stool or box while sitting on the toilet.

Yours In Health.

Richard Insley

2018-03-18 22:08:38