Are you familiar with the “When I lose weight, I will……” statement?

unhappy girl

When I lose weight I will be happier, I will be more content, my marriage will improve, people will like me more, my job will get better, I can get a new job, friends will ask me out to the bar, etc, etc…………

Well, believe it or not with a little work you can achieve all of these things right now and still be at the same weight! Granted weight loss will improve health and will make you fitter but even if you’re 30 lbs lighter your life may still have its familiar problems.

The problem with convincing yourself that life will be so much better once you are thinner is on the most part a misnomer, to be honest if your job sucks now it will probably still suck when you lose weight and if people who don’t like you when you are overweight, they probably won’t when you are not, but just in case if they do like you more afterwards then dump them away for being real friends!

When you keep telling yourself all these great things are going to happen when you lose weight then all you are doing really is adding more pressure to yourself to lose the weight, added pressure = stress and heightened stress means hormonal imbalances and weight loss is slowed or even stops.

Change how you think about losing weight, you still need to set achievable goals for long-term success but do take each day as it comes, prepare yourself for the ups and downs of life, sometimes the times the scale goes up a little instead of down, the times when you have a few drinks and a slice of pizza, take moments like these in your stride and don’t sweat the small stuff. Think of the outcome as what it is, the end of a journey. Enjoy the road to getting there and come at it from an improved health and fitness perspective, not as the road to skinny utopia.

Yours in health,

Richard Insley.

2016-03-03 14:45:33