The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar business that from the outside appears to want help people to lose weight and improve health, but in reality, that’s the last thing they want. If people successfully lose weight and keep it off they don't become repeat customers and the companies lose money, so in reality, they just need people to fail and keep coming back.  These companies prey on people’s desperation with promises of quick-fix weight loss products that will effortlessly let you achieve a leaner body, so you too hand over your hard earned cash for products that they know do not help long term and they play on the fact that people have busy life’s, what with having a full-time job, kids sports activities, a home, Facebook, Netflix, and the season finale of The Bachelorette to juggle, when is their time to prep food, cook, and exercise?

Why won’t they work?

The weight loss shakes, body wraps, celebrity diets, funky abdominal machines are all supposed to shed the pounds that poor diet and lifestyle choices put there in the first place, so by somehow using these products for a few months they will miraculously fix all the issues that lead people to become overweight in the first place! Drinking shakes and eating like a bird may have some short term effects, but long term not so much! They tout the science behind the diet products and how they’re specially formulated to have all the necessary macro and micronutrients that we need, but humans have been synergistically evolving along with the plants and animals for thousands of years and our digestive systems have become finely tuned in and work optimally with whole unprocessed foods.

There are no short cuts to losing weight (except for amputation!)

Losing excess body fat comes from not chronically starving yourself, but from consuming whole foods, being generally more active and a structured exercise program. Following this will improve health overall and ultimately lead to losing weight and keep it off in the long-term. As most of you know, we work with people and show them how to incorporate these new habits into their daily lives and point out that we do not put 30 pounds on in 12 weeks so why would it come off that fast? Gradual, sustainable weight loss is definitely the way to do go, we are not big fans of the “it’s a lifestyle cliché” but it really is!

2017-03-25 12:56:16