It seems that the world has gone crazy for diets, low fat, high fat, cabbage soup, FODMAP, quick fix shakes, Paleo, GAPS, South Beach etc, etc and they all promote their own benefits with a particular way of eating.

There are really only 3 sorts of diets though; maintenance, healing and weight change andnutrition services depending on your personal goal to should aim to follow just one.

The Maintenance Diet

The maintenance diet means consuming enough food to keep you at a healthy weight for your body and activity level. If you are content with your size and shape then this is the diet for you. It also takes into account any food allergies and/or intolerances that you may have already discovered on the healing diet and have removed them.

The Healing Diet

Healing diets are there to help the body heal by the way of promoting detoxification or removing foods that create an allergic reaction or GI distress. Most commonly this initially involves eliminating known foods like diary, nuts, grains etc that can be problematic and reintroducing them one by one over a period of time and note if there any changes in health status.

The Weight Change Diet

Weight changing diets should be temporary; calorie intake should be manipulated to either promote weight gain or loss depending on the goal. Being on a constant weight loss diet can be frustrating and destructive to body and mind with frequent relapses ending in bouts of overeating and/or suppression of the body’s metabolic functions. Weight changing diets ideally it should be something that is completed in the shortest amount of time possible. Sometimes a break is a good suggestion to allow the body to “reset” on a maintenance diet for a while and then step back in.

Sometimes the waters can get a little muddied when 2 types intersect, like healing and weight loss for instance, this is where there is a need to lose body fat but there are underlying metabolic issues and/or undiagnosed food intolerances, such instances take more work and perseverance to achieve the desired results.

Which one are you on?

Your in health,


2015-12-29 18:41:11