It seems almost everyone wants to lose weight, but what really is bodyweight? Body weight can be what you just ate, it can be fat or water or muscle or blood or bones or stool or urine. As you can see, it can be a whole lot of different things, so ‘losing weight’ actually describes nothing.

The F word!

The only thing out of the above list that we need to lose is excess body fat. Notice that I used the word excess, because we all need some body fat. it’s not all bad, in fact it is healthy to maintain 18% for men and 25% for women.fat caliper
Losing fat is the main goal, but there will be some loss of water, as this is bound to the fat cells and also a little muscle mass as the body has to carry less weight around. As we know, the human body is stingy with energy expenditure and will not want to maintain muscle mass, unless we force it too, and here in lies the key!

How to lose fat and not muscle
Regular exercise and lifting heavy weights has to be an integral part of any fat loss plan, not because we can “burn” 200 calories, but so that we can maintain a healthy muscle mass. This in of itself is a large user of energy and a supporter of our metabolism. Maintaining a clean, whole foods diet with a reasonable amount of animal and vegetable protein will preserve a healthy muscle mass and keep the metabolic engine revving!

Yours in health

Richard Insley

2016-06-01 12:23:33