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How you will benefit from hiring a Personal Trainer

We invest in our careers, stocks and shares, houses, RRSP’s etc but how many invest in their health?

Not too many!

We hire professionals for accounting, construction, vehicle repairs, etc because we want the task completing properly, professionally and because we do not possess the necessary skill
set to do it ourselves, but anyone can lift a pair of weights, right?

2015-12-10 17:51:28

Nutrition Basics

A couple of days ago I was looking over a client's food diary on the Myfitnesspal app and noticed that she had nearly reached her daily calorie goal but the carbohydrate, fat and protein (macronutrient) percentages were still very low.

While I do not advocate for the continuous monitoring and obsession over calorie counting it's always good to check every now and again to stay on track.

The said client had consumed some sushi on that day and the calorie total for the portion size calories were 300 for 8 pieces. The macronutrient breakdown was as follows

2015-11-27 01:07:12

There is no downside to being strong

2015-11-23 15:26:39

Will I lose weight doing exercise?

We are told to start exercising as part of a weight loss plan and you are always seeing “fat burning” routines and people logging the calories burned on their treadmill walks when really the main reason we should exercise is to make us feel energised, help keep us healthy and to build and firm muscles and strengthen bones, etc. Now obviously calories are used while exercising but this calorie loss should be added into any nutrition plan, this is because you want to keep your metabolism revved up and not send the body into starvation mode. Top level athletes will consume vast amounts of calories and still be really lean; this is because they are fuelling their workouts correctly. Saying all that we still need to be a caloric deficit for the body to give up stored body fat so it is important is to eat the optimum amount of calories for your weight and activity levels.

We have spoken about Balsal Metabolic Rate (BMR) before and this is the amount of energy the body needs to function. When I say function I mean enough to lie on a couch all day! The general calculation for BMR is multiply your body weight in lbs by 10, for weight maintenance times your weight by 15 and for weight loss x 13. So crunching some numbers;

A 150 lb person

2015-11-21 23:57:41