Client Reviews


Everyone has a story and they are all different.thankyou

Our clients come to us with many different requirements, some for weight loss, some to build muscle and some with various health problems and concerns and we address each one as individually as they are, here are some of their stories...........



I started working with Richard in late November 2016 and in only 5 months my weight dropped by 40lbs and I feel great! rhonda









I cannot express how much FUN Richard has made my fitness program! His sense of humour and his passion for increasing the quality of life of his clients is unparalleled. He easily adapts programs as required (being in the military, my time is not always my own) and really listens to what your personal goals are. I told him on Day 1 that I am easily bored by repeat workouts and not a single workout has been the same! If you are looking for someone to assist you in getting in shape or if you are looking for someone to train you at an elite level - Richard is sure to have the personality and education to take you there.


Nicole S. 


Richard, I just wanted to say thanks! I am not sure how it all clicked in my mind but you were definitely a big part of that happening. You are not only very knowledgeable but you really care about your clients. I feel that! You make the journey fun and I honestly never thought I'd adequate fun with exercise!

Many thanks again. 




Last Fathers day my wife gave me a gift of Personal Training consultations with Richard Insley and I lost almost 50 pounds and 5 pant sizes and I no longer require CPAP at night and feel great. It's not about starving yourself, I actually found I could eat as much as I wanted! Richard is very personable and nonjudgmental. Many, many thanks again Richard



Rob Mc.


I am trying to eat full fats (even though all the weight loss programs say not to), trying not to eat packages foods, and trying to exercise daily with some "kick-butt" workouts my hardcore trainer provides me ;)
I am currently down 6lbs and 2 inches in my waist just from following these three things for the last month (going wheat free has prevented me from snacking on all the bad things I shouldn't be eating and made me find alternatives that are better for my body).
Thanks again Richard for opening up our eyes to a healthier lifestyle (and really sore glutes). Lol

Lindsay I.


Wow, we have been working together for a year already! You deserve a medal for putting up with me! It's been a kick, and easy to stick with because of you.

Thank you! 

Donna W



I started working with Richard because I was bored and unhappy with my current workouts and wanted to add strength training to my regime but didn't know where to start or how to put a program together. I'm quite capable of working out on my own, but what I "do" need is someone to formulate a plan. Until I started working with Richard my workouts were predominantly cardio, running....which I really don't enjoy all that much but it's a means to an end...hey, it's cardio and burns calories, right? and a once-a-week BootCamp session with his wife Karen.

Richard and I meet on a regular basis to go over the new set of exercises. He ensures proper form is being used and explains the exercises (muscle
groups targeted, etc.). In between meetings we keep in touch and discuss my progress (too easy, too difficult, injuries, problem areas, etc.) and I receive an updated version of the current program based on our discussions. Richard is always available to answer any questions or concerns or offer advice if issues arise. We also discuss goals and as I either reach my goals or change them, Richard adapts the exercises accordingly. I really enjoy strength training and Richard keeps the
workouts interesting and challenging. I never knew there were so many ways to do a lunge!

While I do run, I don't do any specific idea of going for a run is to just tie up the runners, head out the door and whatever happens, happens. Even though running isn't my favourite activity, I do have some running goals and occasionally enter a road race. So far this year I've managed two personal bests: one in a half-marathon and one in a 5K race. I was concerned about the half-marathon because at around mile 9-10 of a long run I'd start to develop knee pain which would leave me hobbling the last few miles. Knowing this, Richard tweaked my program to address this issue and I finished the race with pain-free knees. As for my 5K....I took over a minute off my previous best time. I can't attribute this to a running plan - because I don't have one. Working with a personal trainer has proven to me that a good strength training program can improve performance in other activities.

I feel better, stronger, and seeing improvements has given me more motivation. I look forward to continuing working towards my future goals with Richard.

Gail Emery



I'm your typical critical thinker, need facts and specifics before I try something. After 5 years of intensive studies, busy work schedule, having kids and a serious car accident I found my body wasn't working the way is use to. I thought what everyone thinks I''m just getting older.

Well after only 5 weeks of working with Richard on my personalized program I have found the cob webs of cleared, I''m sleeping better and I have more energy! I''m glad I put the time and effort into trying this - I feel amazing!

Jenn B


I just wanted to let you know that after all of your teachings, I let myself go over my holidays and ate some grain products. Mainly because when traveling they are the easiest thing to find! I was doing so well the 3 months prior that I thought the 2-3 weeks would be ok! Lesson learned!!!

Since the holidays the pain has come back ...not as extensive yet but the same areas as before. Stiffness, and pain along the line that all of the doctors believed to be the start of Rheumatoid arthritis or some form of. In such a short amount of time to see the difference shocked me! I also tried to keep the calories controlled but still managed to gain some weight back.

I just wanted to thank-you for helping me to learn this lesson and let you know that from this point on I will work more diligent on my efforts to become grain free and exercise more. You are a great teacher and mentor Richard...just need a student to listen and believe.

I am now in charge of the rest of my life!

Kevin M.

You would think that me being a professional with the health care system that I would know the risks of an unhealthy lifestyle. I''ve been overweight all of my adult life and unfortunately, buried my head in the proverbial sandbox when it came to obvious health risks. Denial was my best friend when I wanted to delude myself; especially when it came to the obvious health risks that were staring straight at me.

My wake up call came the morning of July 6/10. After receiving the most devastating news the day before, I woke up severely out of breath and with a crushing chest pain. I couldn't walk from one room to the next without dripping sweat off my brow and be gasping for my next breath.

So, off to the hospital, I go, only to learn that I had had a heart attack. I also learned that my once controlled diabetes was raging out of control once again. Upon admittance, my FBS was 19.0mmol and BP was 190/100. I couldn't believe it; things like this don't happen to 45 year olds

It''s a scary feeling being in the ICU. Nothing much to do in there but think about what landed you in there in the first place. I couldn't even begin to describe how I felt knowing that my mother was calling the friends I loved the most and telling them where I was; or how I felt knowing that as I sat in the ICU, a large group of my friends were grieving themselves and helping the family of our best friend that had passed away the day before.

A few months previous to all this I had to go on to disability from work after being diagnosed with 3 herniated discs in my back, so along with my heart scare I was not in a good place

I started working with my Personal Trainer Richard the end of July 2010 and started working with my Nutritional Food Coach Karen August 2010. To date I've lost 27lbs, 16.77lbs being body fat. That''s a total of 58,695 calories.....try to wrap your head around that! I have also lost 11 inches to date.

Richard''s initial focus was that of my health and getting me mobile again and helping me to control my blood sugar.

Both Karen and Richard have asked me what my goal weight is and I told them both that I don't have one. I want to lose weight until I reach a point where I feel comfortable. I''m not there yet, but if there is anything that I have learned during this journey, it''s that I don't need to starve myself, do crazy liquid diets, or take numerous herbs that eventually put me in the poor house and the minute you stop taking them your weight creeps back on with a little extra for good measure. It''s all about the hard work, proper foods, and never giving up on yourself.

It is now January 2011 and I have just been to have my assessment for returning to work. I underwent 2 days of lifting, carrying and incline treadmill tests and I am very pleased to say that I passed everything and they are now going to place me on an accelerated back to work program

I want to thank Richard and Karen for helping me to believe in myself again, for never giving up on myself, for laughing, and for helping me save my life.

To my friends and family; thank you for your unconditional support.

This testimonial is dedicated to my best friend Susan Coleman, who taught me about persistence, how to live strongly in a world of adversity, how to laugh at life, how to accept that what will be will be, how to love unconditionally, and how to live your life with unwavering faith.

Karen R

Thank you for everything you have done for me... I have started a new life for myself and my family and you have helped me in so many ways to do that.

I just wanted to make sure I told you.

I also read all of your emails and they really do help keep me focused and I have learned so many things.

I know if I couldn't have come this far without you.

Thank you......


Well, after a few weeks of consistent "clean eating" I have to say that while I may have put on a little weight, my energy level is ridiculous.

My energy was always low and my Doctor wanted me to get B12 shots monthly because my body doesn't absorb the vitamin but now this food is making me feel fantastic.

I still sometimes crave beer and sugar, but I limit it significantly and am noticing some great changes. I actually stay awake in the car on the way to work, I wake up in the morning (before my alarm) and feel rested and ready to go.

My nights are still fairly early but I am much more productive. I just wanted to share that with you because I know I was completely stubborn and thought I could improve my muscle tone and fitness without modifying my eating habits........

Gillian H.

I signed up 6 weeks after I had my 4th baby, I was determined to get my body back.

Thanks to Richard and his challenging workouts and nutrition advice, friends tell me I look the better than I ever have! I''ve not only lost the 65lbs I put on during pregnancy but I have also added strong toned muscles. I love that I can see the difference my hard work makes and I feel great! I love that Richard cares about me personally and he constantly challenges me to be the best I can be. I also love that it does not matter who you are, what shape you are in, his workouts are great for everyone!

Don''t wait....stop your excuses and give it a try!

Melanie E.

"I have been working with Richard for almost 5 months now and what a change it has made in my life. I had been working out for some time on my own, reading fitness books and trying to put routines together on my own but really had no idea what I was doing and not seeing the results I wanted.

So I decided to hire a personal trainer. That''s when I met Richard and what difference he bought to my life. He keeps me focused and on track. He makes sure I am doing the right things, the right way, to get the results I''m looking for. He is always in touch and shows me that he is truly interested in my fitness success. He is the BEST!

Anyone truly interested in really getting fit should hire a personal trainer, in my opinion. The results are far superior than a do it yourself routine. And with that in mind , I couldn't recommend a better one than Richard Insley!"

Dan B. Ibbitson

Richards sessions are up beat and fun. He will make you work, and some days you don''t even realise just how you worked until the day after! He will answer all your fitness questions and customize any program to suit your abilities. Richard keeps me motivated to train even on the days we don not have classes .

Tracy C

I wanted to let you know that I am very grateful for the work you put into the program. I have just turned 60 and have noticed so many things that are different about myself. Yesterday, I met with my former colleagues and boss for lunch. I had not seen them since January. They immediately commented on how I looked and asked me what I was doing to achieve this look. (I have lost 30 pounds since they saw me) I told them about the exercise sessions and the encouragement that I was receiving in your classes.

I have noticed subtle differences too. My Right knee which was broken and dislocated in the ''94 bike accident is now strong enough to allow me to wear a low dress shoe. Up until now I was wearing oxfords. These might have been cute and trendy with dress pants but I have always wished that I could wear a dressier shoe even if it were to be only for a couple of hours. Well yesterday, I wore the dressier shoes that I had in my closet and was able to walk in them as if I did not have a knee problem at all. I lasted 8 hours in them. They are sensible shoes but do look a whole lot better than the oxfords. With a stronger knee, I am now considering wearing a skirt again. I have not been able to do that for so long since oxfords don''t really look good with a skirt. My options have increased and that is amazing. It''s taken 4 months to get here but I know I never want to go back to what I was.

The other thing I noticed is that my shoes fit better. Is it possible to have fat on my feet? Could I have lost weight in my feet as well? This was amazing too. I figure that it will take me a whole year to change some of my bad habits and make this a whole new life style that will stay with me for the rest of my life. So I am committed to sticking with the program.

Fitness is allowing me to deal with the whole grieving process too. I have always been active but to lose someone can put you into a slump physically and also mentally. To have an accountability commitment like your exercise program has really helped me stay focused.

So thanks again for doing this and also for sending out the notes on life style change and nutrition. Just thought I needed to let you know that you have really helped me.

Thanks for that.


I just wanted to thank you for your emails - I do read them all and have passed some onto different people who I think would benefit from them too...

An update from my health/weight - I am now down to 158 lbs!! Which is great since I was over 180 about 5 months ago. I am not dieting nor am I doing any crazy slimming drugs or pills, etc. I have just changed my lifestyle!

I've had a few folks ask me what I''m doing differently to make such a huge change, and my answer is "I got my ass off the couch, quit letting the TV dictate my life, and started to eat simple, healthy foods while watching my portion control!!" It was that simple!!

Richard! My life is great!! Since I made this decision, my smile has returned and my self esteem has come back 3 fold!!!

Thanks again for your emails! They speak volumes and I appreciated them and your time and effort put out!

Faith B.

White Horse, Yukon