Why choose us?

At RPE Fitness we strive to offer a highly professional personal training service for our clients whether it’s your first or fiftieth workout session. Our goal is that it should be an hour long performance of attentiveness, professionalism, knowledge and an experience that’s worthy of your hard earnt money that you, the client is paying.
We consider it our duty as your chosen fitness professional to discuss your goals, assess your fitness level, design a program for you, help keep you motivated and work with your current health professionals (if required)

As RPE Fitness personal trainers we:
• help you exercise safely and efficiently
• help you with technique
• monitor your progress
• adjust your exercise program in response to your changing fitness level
• help motivate you
• offer advice and guidance on healthy nutrition.
• Vary your exercise options to keep you motivated, interested and enjoying your workouts
• help you to manage some exercise on your own.


There are no shortcuts to improving health, losing weight and increasing lean muscle, and you should view with skepticism any a current or potential trainer who tried to convince you otherwise.

At RPE Fitness, our goal is to get you to yours